body insecurity

so, for most of my life, I've had an eating disorder. at one point it was anorexia, then it became bolimia. And then back to anorexia. I'm working on myself, and working on gaining weight, but it's like i can never gain and keep weight. the most I've ever weighed was 115 pounds. I fluctuate between 100-115 and. I found a pair of shorts I really like. I never wear shorts, because my legs are so skinny. I'm never confident enough to wear shorts out anywhere, or a skirt, or a dress. I'm strictly jeans. always have been. But. last week.. I bought the shorts. But i just can't seem to actually wear them. I can't seem to leave the house in them. what do I do?

here is the picture of me when i was first trying them on. if anyone has any tips on how to boost self confidence that would help a ton! I have really bad anxiety as well so that makes it even harder.