No sleep whining, clinginess, it never ends!

Let me start by saying, I know that I agreed to this stuff when I decided to have kids and that I don’t have problems nobody else has, just need to vent.

I have 14 month old twins who have always been kind of needy babies. Between medical issues for one of them, bad tempers and poor napping, they just haven’t been easy going babies ever.

But it feels like for the past 3 months at least one of them is up half the night every night, one or both are being clingy and whiny all damn day, so many tantrums every effing day. It just feels like it’ll never end.

Does anybody else feel like their kids are just always either sick or it’s a wonder week or “maybe they’re teething” or “it’s because they just learned to walk” or some other reason their kids are being difficult.

I love my boys so much, they make my heart explode all day long but I also am losing my effing mind!