my boyfriend cannot have children

my boyfriend of six months and I have been really serious from the start. we are living together all that and a bag of chips. but recently I found out he is sterile.(He doesn't really want kids anyways) I also have fertility problems, im not to worried about children right now BUT my biggest dream is to one day be a mother. part of me wants to leave not just for him being sterile but we have had a rocky relationship for a while as well but also I do love him regardless of all that. I feel like maybe god wants me to never have children down the road. maybe its my just not meant to be?. I've been known to be very picky when It comes to men, I think its time I settled down. im just unsure if in the long term future if ill be happy childless, im not rich neither is my current partner us being together insures that I will never be pregnant or have a child. i just dont know what to do anymore :(