Still bleeding after miscarriage almost 4 weeks ago


Hi ladies, well I found out my baby stop growing at 5 weeks when I went for my 8 weeks scan. This was April 16th, I took the pills that evening, I had bad cramps and pass a lot cloths and tissue soon after. But this is my 4 week since my Mc and haven’t stop bleeding, it hasn’t been heavy the entire time and I keep passing small cloths every other day and sometimes it be brown discharge and sometimes it go back to bright red, I’ve had 2 scan since my Mc and on the last one my doctor said I had passed all tissue and I should be stop bleeding with a couples days, well nope that was 2 weeks ago! I’m so frustrated and fed up with the spotting, I want to move on already! I go back this Friday again and I hope I can get some answers.. but ladies how anyone of you have had similar situations? Also my hcg levels were back to 0 and pregnancy test it negative!