Husband rant


He doesn't even offer to give me a hand with anything....ever. I work full time too. I get one 30 min break on a 10 hour shift. He gets three 30 min breaks. He sits most the day. I stand. Yet he's always so excessively tired and he always finds a way to weasel his way out of any chores, baby duties, etc. He takes naps on his days off. I don't and can't. I cook dinner, care for our 1 year old and I'm 6 mos pregnant and miserable with a back injury. He never offers to rub my back when I'm in excruciating pain.....yet I'm supposed to get all giddy when he's horny or wants a BJ. Uhhhh yeah no thanks. In his defense he's a sweet guy but good lord.... help me out man!!!!!! Is it that hard to offer help?????? Rant over. I'm tired.