Jasmine • Mommy to two (one on the way 8/11/19)💕 YouTube 🎥 21 Years Old 🌸

My body carried a beautiful little boy. I’ve earned my stripes. I despise how they look but this body nurtured my little one, held him and kept him safe.

This body is the only body I got. I have all these stretch marks. I had surgery 6 months ago to get my gall bladder removed which added more scars to my tummy. A few days ago I had Appendicitis, had my appendix removed, and now I’m going to have even more scars. My belly is swollen and hurts. I never imagined my body having to go through labor and two surgeries within 8 months. My tummy has so much extra skin and so much bigger than it was before I got pregnant. This stomach use to look “normal”

Sometimes I look in the mirror and want to cry because I hate what I see and I want to make a change. I just got to remember though I’ve got a beautiful boy and to be grateful that I’m here to enjoy him.