My Birth Story❤


On the 15th of April i was in bed ready for school the next day. I get a call at 9:45 at night and actually decide to answer it. It was labor and delivery telling me i was supposed to be induced at 10. (my doctor didnt tell me, her nurse was supposed to) So i went to the hospital. got my IV and my blood drawn, my boyfriend stayed. thank god. and every 2 hours they put a pill in me that would start my contractions. so i had minorrr contractions and by minoorrr it felt like a needle softly poking you. Anyway the next morning about 6 something they gave me the medicine to make my contractions stronger. it didnt kick in so i didnt feel them. but i went ahead and told the nurse i wanted my epidural since i was dilated to a 2 already. so about 10 am i got my epidural and everything went well. so i just chilled and visted with family that was visiting already. about 1:50 i started dozing off (dilated at a 4) and my grandma told me i was dilating more cause she smelled blood. (they broke my water about noonish) and i just fell asleep until about 2:40. then i woke up and they checked me and i was at a 9!. so my nurse said it was time. and they said that my contractions were back to back to back and very strong and that they were surprised i couldnt feel them. so thats when i started pushing and my doctor comes in and takes over and i push her out in under an hour. she was born at 3:18pm.