How to tell if he likes me?

Hey guys,

I work at Kroger as a cashier and a couple of weeks ago I was sent to the back for a week to mark down prices and put the items on the clearance shelf. During that time I met one of the guys in produce that I previously thought was cute and throughout my time in the back we’d have small talk and I would tease him and me back. My question is, how can I tell if he likes me? I’ll explain what makes me feel like he might so far:

1. Last week I started talking to another one of the guys in produce about maybe moving to the back and working as a stocker or in produce because I enjoyed working in the back more than being a cashier. As I was talking to him, the guy I like came up next to me and said “you miss talking to us?” Or “you come back to talk to us?” Something along the lines of that I don’t remember specifically.

2. At first he would never notice me when I saw him around the store. Now whenever I see him he smiles at me. Today I saw him walk into the store and look my way and we made eye contact and he smiled at me. I also have began to catch him taking glances my way.

3. Both him and another produce guy were working together and I walked up to them to tell them that I had talked to the manager about what they told me to say to him so I could work in the back and he started asking me questions about where I went to school and where I was gonna go next year and what I was gonna major in.

4. Both of them started talking about chemistry (I don’t remember why) and I mentioned how bad I was at chemistry and he told me he would share his notes with me if I wanted to.

5. He was moving a lot like his arms and legs. He wasn’t staying still.

6. He was smiling a lot like with his teeth and before I almost never see him smile or even talk to anyone. He is fairly quiet.

7. I invited them to my graduation and he said “if I knew what your school was I would go”

That’s it so far. I’m trying to come up with more excuses to talk to him tomorrow if he works. I really want him to ask me for my number but I have a feeling he’s too shy to ask. Any excuses to get his number or talk to him? Do y’all think he likes me? How can I know if he likes me?