My vaginal breech birth


Hi all!

Baby Nikola was born 2 weeks ago. He had been on breech position the whole time, and refused to move even after trying the external version procedure (very painful 😣)

I had a hard time deciding wether I wanted a vaginal delivery or a c-section, doctors explained the pros and cons of both, but in the end we decided to wait until the 39th week and do a new echography to check his growth and see if he could still fit through my pelvis. In my hospital, they measure the baby and then they do a scan of the mum’s pelvis to see if he would fit through in such a case.

He had other plans though! At 37+6 I broke waters at 00.30 and went to the hospital. I dilated pretty quickly and got the epidural at around 4am. It was a huge relief!

I was able to get some sleep while on the delivery room, dilated until 7cm and had to get a bit of oxitocine since it had slowed down. I could slightly feel the contractions through the epidural, they were so strong.

At 9.30 am the midwife comes to check on me, and I tell her to look down there because I felt something weird. Woops! Nikola’s foot was coming out of my vagina 😂

She rushed to call the doctors and midwifes; there were 6 people around me! Since it was a university hospital, they use these special cases to teach residents as well.

It was time to push! The midwife was guiding me and I pushed like a mf champion. He was out in like 5 minutes! The crowd was cheering on me, I felt like an athlete at the olympic games 😂😂😂

Small tear when the head came out at the end, nothing huge. Also the placenta had to be removed by the doctor as the cord detached itself. Apparently this is super painful so I am grateful for the epidural.

Nikola was born on 26/04 at 9h47 🤗