Horrible dream!!!!

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I just had the worst nightmare!!!!!! If this if the start of pregnancy dreams, I don’t know if my heart can survive 9 months of these kinds of dreams!!!

I have a 2.5 year old bearded dragon and to make a really long, detailed dream short- we took him fishing with usb because we were going to only be out for a couple of hours (he often goes for a drive or to the pet store with us, but I would never take him fishing). And about an hour into being on the boat, he started acting really pissy and afraid. His beard got all black (which actually is something they do), but he’s always super relaxed and always knows he’s safe with me or SO and will call down instantly if he’s afraid.

Anyways, I tried to give him some water for some reason and he drank super fast but was still all mad and started coughing kind of. I’m holding him and then.... HIS FREAKING HEAD FELL OFF, and his tail!!!!

I dropped him and ran screaming for my SO, and when I brought SO to see my beardies eyes were all bright white, and so was his neck and tail where they come apart. And then all 3 parts were trying to attack my feet and I was screaming and woke up 😭😭😭

I went and checked on him and he’s peacefully sleeping in his tank.

That was such a horrible dream 😭😭😭