Just wondering

So my fiancé and i were having sex last night he pulled out and came on my belly and afterwards he went back in and than came on my belly again. (Yes we showered after!) lol my question is, is there any possibilities that any cum went inside me after he came the first time and went in again after? He did pull out twice to cum. Just wondering. I know its too much info but I’m just curious

PS: just wanted to say that we have been doing the pull out method for over a year now and never got pregnant. I used to be on BC I went on the pill and the one that goes in your arm and both of them made me feel shitty and lost so much weight. I was weighting 102 when I got off the BCs. We don’t use condoms because in our opinion it doesn’t feel the same. I know it may sound ridiculous. I was just wondering because i never got pregnant during the year of just pulling out.