Arrgghh! **UPDATE**


My husband and I have been TTC for about 14 months now. I have blood work scheduled in three days to check ... well, everything- but... I have been feeling so wierd. Tired, nauseous, ravenous, no appetite, annoying cramps... oh yeah, and my period is 10 days late. Ever since we started on this path, my cycle has been off. I usually have an average 30-32 day with an occasional 34 day stretch. Last fall I had negitive tests at CD 40, 45 and 49. this brings us back to now. Currently nauseous, irritable and exhausted. I really don't want to test and have another BFN. I could cope with everything if the cause was finally being. pregnant... at the same time if Im not.. but the blood work is fasting blood work, and I am sure I will be a fountain of puke if I can't eat for ten hours. I don't know what I am asking or looking for here, I just needed to connect I suppose ~,~

So... um... yeah. No chance to make anything cute for Hubby. I burst into tears and it took me a minute to explaine that it wasn't what it usually is. Thank you ladies for your feed back.