ladies I need your help 😭

Amber • 29 • pcos warrior • mom of 7 yr old • miscarriage at 9 wks after 2 yrs ttc • just had our rainbow baby 2/2021🌈

okay so I have pcos. I've been ttc #2 for right at a year. I'm on 3rd round of clomid, this cycle was 100mg. my obgyn says I should ovulate between day 12 and 16. I did opks from cd 10 to 25 and didnt get a positive until cd 21. dr p says its highly unlikely that I ovulated on cd 21 bc "clomid goes by your period and opks are a waste of money". so by his count I should be 11dpo, by my positive opk i should be 6 dpo. i tested with pink dye fmu and nothing. with same fmu I did frer and pretty positive it's nothing. by dr's count my period should be here in 3 days, by the opk it should be 8. am I out? I was so hopeful this cycle. it was my 1st ever positive opk 😭 here's a pic of my frer. I'm sure its negative but figured yall could look at it. anyone else have this issue with clomid?