My LMP is March 17. Putting me at 7 weeks 4 days. I went for a scan on Monday and measured 5 wks 6 days with no heartbeat yet. She advised she was not concerned and to come back in two weeks. I am familiar with this as I have had 3 missed miscarriages and no successful pregnancies. I went home a little concerned. About an hour after I got home I had red blood when I wiped with clots and mild cramping. I was convinced I had misscaried. But then the bleeding stopped 15 minutes later. At this point I was extremely confused so I called for another appointment to confirm miscarriage. I told the sonographer that I was there to confirm I had misscaried. I had come to terms with the fact that this pregnancy was also over.When the sonographer did the scan yesterday she said it was too small to get a good size but we did see a little flicker. I asked if it was a heartbeat and she said she thought so but again could not confirm. She said it was a little slow but that it could be because it just started. I met with my Dr. after and I got the feeling that because of my history she has already written me off. She said since everything was so small to come back in two weeks, but she said she doesn't feel it will be a successful pregnancy. I asked about the heartbeat and she said it didn't mean anything and that I'll probably miscarry before my next appointment. I took the heartbeat as a sign of hope and am so confused. She did not examine me to try and determine where the blood was coming from or if my cervix was open, and did not take hcg levels to see if they were doubling. Today I have brown bleeding and it feels like lot but when I go to the bathroom it seems to be something clear and watery with some brown spotting mixed in. I have no idea if I shod hold out hope, or if the fact that I have all this weird bleeding and the baby is measuring behind should I just assume this is over. Just looking for similar experiences or any advice. Thanks