I wanted to have a water birth.. that was unexpected.. πŸ˜…


I finally am ready to tell you my birth story. I know it is long so grab a snack and get comfyΒ  😊. It is my first birth so I didn't really know what to expect. All I wanted was unmedicated natural water birth at hospital with only my husband and midwife in the room. I had many bad things happening in my pregnancy, like kidney infections and preterm labour, that had me stressed but even so we made till 38 weeks 6 days. Been having braxton hicks for 3 days, inconsistent and not painfull. So came the 25th of february. I thought that the baby wont come early, still high up in my tummy and in last appoitment they were talking about induction at 40 weeks because baby is big for me. I was very lazy but once we woke up husband annoyed me that we need to pack hospital bag since we haven't done it yet. All the nagging and we packed the bag. πŸ˜‚ While we packed the bag we talked that once I get 39 weeks we should start induce labour at home and try different ways, I was afraid from medical induction. One thing that he waited the most is to have quite rough sex to induce labour. Once the bag was packed he insisted that we make aΒ  belly cast. I was wishing for that quite a while so I agreed. It was fun and I felt so in love with my husband all day.

He was really sensitive to me that day and he started to prepare dinner. I was clingy andΒ  frisky so he decided to get dessert while he was making dinner. He did it like he wasn't afraid to hurt the baby anymore. It was the best time ever since I got pregnant. Our bed life was getting non existant to the end of pregnancy because it was impossible. So I was very happy about that. After love making I run to the toilet, as usual having light contractions after but only thing was different that there was a small blood dot which I thought was just from sex. The dinner was ready so i went downstairs to eat. I started feel regular contractions but still no pain so I just wrote it off to sex. I couldn't finish the plate, we went to bedroom so I can lay in bed. It was 8.30pm I started to record contractions, still just uncomfortable. I was joking to husband if he was ready if the baby would born even in the next day. He laughed and said yes. They were every 3-4min apart and about 30-50sec long so I thought I wait an hour and if they are still the same I'll call triage. At 8.57 pm I posted in group chat of my family how consistent the contractions were and what they think is this it or not.

With next contraction at 9pm my waters broke on the bed. I looked at him and said- my waters just broke. He started laughing but then his face was priceless when he saw a puddle on the bed with blood as well. He thought I was joking. πŸ˜‚ I will never forget that. I was so excited and scared as well. And then the contractions started to get painfull. I went to toilet to clean up and told him to call triage. The midwife didn't really concern that my waters broke so I took phone and told her about blood and consistent contractions and insisted that they check if baby is allright. I couldn't get ready, waters were leaking everywhere and my fluffy socks were soo heavy because were soaked. I changed my clothes and pads multiple times πŸ˜‚ than i just got a towel and said- f*** this s*** πŸ˜‚ contractions started to get worse by each one and I was hyped about waterbirth. We went to hospital, longest 20min of my life, contractions now are 2min apart 1min long and I try not to scream. In the car I said- I can do it, God wouldn't make something that I wouldn't be able to bear.. Husband reminded me to breath and tried to calm me when contractions were coming. We arrived at the hospital, from pains I am unable to walk and till we got to triage I got 5 more contractions. It's 10pm I'm in triage, they bother me that I should do a urine sample. The pains are so bad that now I can't normaly move. I'm shaking and screaming and the triage bed is so uncomfy that my back is killing me. They pop me on monitor, baby is fine and contractions are good together and I'm begging that I want to walk. They take off monitor and I stand up, worst decision ever, the pain is so bad That i slowly with pain get back on the bed. They check me and I'm 5cm and say that I'm admitted and they send me to delivery suite. At that point I only think about etonox. I was asking all the time if I can get in the tub, they told me that delivery tub is now in use but I can use regular bath tub in delivery suite to relieve pain. The pains are so bad that I'm screaming and the gas&air; is taking so long to be ready for me to use. They again put on monitor and I hate it. All the time I want to get in bath so bad, but they only say once they see a good baby pattern ( it was hard to catch the baby's heart beat) then I can go. They ask me if I want an epidural, my husband answers yes before I could say anything. I say that I don't want to even if the pain gets worse, I have scoliosis and risk that it will numb only one side and after that could possibly have side effects in spine. So only gas&air..; Gas&air; was helping only if i started to breath it before contraction started and still it hurt so bad and I wanted to push. I know that I shouldn't push until midwife gives me green light. I look at my husband, he is more scared than I am. I say- do you remember what I said in the car? He said- yes! And with the next contraction I yelled- you know I was wrong, God made something that I can't bear. I can't do it. The pain was so intense, still baby's heartbeat is not good, they can't put the monitor on so it could catch it well. The next thing I know that I have the urge to poop. πŸ˜‚ I turn to my husband and yell- get out, faaaast... He didn't go out. I ask the midwife if I can get to toilet. She asks why. I say that I really want to poop or else I will do it on the bed. She doesn't allow me, she says that it is the baby thats making that sensation. But i'm 100% sure that I want to poop. My husband interferes because he see that I'm really serious. So the midwife gives me a paper bowl πŸ˜‚ and I kick everyone out of the room and I was right, damn constipation. But still happy I didn't had diahrea. I did poop 4 times and every time I could tell if I wanted to poop or had pressure from the baby. Midwife cleaned me up and husband came back in the room. I was still nagging about the tub. She said that they still can't get baby's heart so they want to put a monitor on baby's head. I was concerned that it would hurt the baby, but it was more important to know if everything is fine with him. So I allowed to put it on his head. The midwife puts her hand in there and here face goes pale.. she yells- the baby is there, it is coming down, you are fully dialated. I was there for like an half an hour, 45min? I was shocked and so relieved. Next thing she asked me if I had pressure there. I said yes and I was telling her that 15minutes ago. The next thing she asked why didn't I push. I said that I was afraid so I waited until midwife would tell me to push to prevent tearing. She than called delivery team and rushed to change her clothes in to a gown. I was so happy that my contractions dissapeared. She tells me to push, but I don't want to πŸ˜‚ she starts to get angry and I don't listen to her. But than my husband started talking to me that I should push and that they don't see the baby's heartbeat. They didn't put the monitor on. So I pushed without contractions. I felt that I would tear if push more so I stopped. The midwife yelled at me again. So now I'm pushing 15 minutes and I feel how everything there is tearing, it hurts so much.. I pushed and finally the baby is out at 23:53.. 😫 the pain, but the relief, they put the baby on me and I start bawling like a kid, soo happy it is over and my baby is finally out safe and sound. I had tears and one was next to my clit.. It was awfull when they stiched me up, so painfull. As well I had a massive blood loss, everything was covered in blood like in a horror movie.. 😫  We named little one Oliver 😊 he weighed 3,450kg (7pounds 7 oz) and was 50cm long (19.6 inches) a big boy for a small mommy.

Say Hi to my son Oliver! We are now 2 months old. πŸ™‚

P.s. sorry for the misspellings. P.s.s. here he is in the tummy 😊