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All throughout high school, I weighed almost 200lbs but after graduation, dropped to my lowest weight of 155lbs (perfect for my body type) ... since then, I’ve plateaued and bounced between that and 165lbs but since my fiancé (U.S. marine) has come home from MOS school 6 months ago, I have gained so much weight. I’m back up to 179lbs, always bloated, seeing rolls and bulges come back, and feeling like a whole garbage bag all the time. Pictures below are what my body looked like while he was gone... now, just add about 20lbs to those and you get the blob that I am currently. I understand some of it is happy/relationship weight, but I also suffer from anxiety of every form and depression... and to cope with these things, I eat more... causing me to fall deeper into depression as I see each pound go to my stomach/thighs/and face. I’m researching supplements to take just to give me a kickstart to getting back to my “normal” self (when I feel most comfortable and confident) and have gotten as far as considering Keto Burn pills but idk what works and am super skeptical. Any suggestions ladies? Help... please🙏🏼 I just want to be happy again and feel like I can conquer the world😩