shine some light on this


so after finding out I'm pregnant again for the second time first one ended I. a miscarriage at 7 weeks.. I started bleeding again freaked and went to the hospital.. I was told I had a blighted ovum but levels were doubling... at 5 weeks 6 days continued spotting but had an ultrasound and they found a fetal pole I was shocked... but the bleedi. got worse today thought there were clots...had an ultrasound again at the hospital and they couldn't see any growth or anything hard to see the baby my faith is shook I'm 6 weeks why cant anything be seen... so I waited and waited in the ultrasound room for the tech...she comes in and says the doctor wants to repeat the ultrasound and I need to further empty my bladder...umm okay so I try again to get all my pee I get ready for the dooming news she said to hold my the baby measured 6 weeks and a heartbeat of 127! Is that good I have a subcronic hemerahage causing the bleeding... the only down side my hcg is going up from b 26000 but not doubling in 48 hrs it was only 35161.. any advice would stop me from going insane...thank you