Miscarriage? Misdiagnosis?


I’ll start with telling you about my story & showing you my ultrasound. But, please, please, share your stories/thoughts/suggestions. My mind is going crazy.

I am currently 5w2d pregnant with my 2nd.

My HCG levels at 4w2d we’re 7,582. We did an early ultrasound as I had a empty 1mm gestational sac.

We didn’t do anymore HCG testing today but the DR was certain that they’d at least be around 20,000.

We did another ultrasound today and they saw a 13 mm gestational sac with a yolk sac. The ultrasound tech said that this looked normal, and said in her opinion everything was looking good. But there was no baby.

My dr said that with high levels you’d expect to see a fetal pole and she said to prepare myself to miscarry.

With that being said- I thought it could be too early to see a fetal pole?!

We have a repeat ultrasound in 13 days.....