After 4 Daughters....


I have 3 daughters from my previous marriage and my fiancé has 1. Today we had my 20 week anatomy scan for our 5th and final baby. We've wanted a boy, but we were trying not to get our hopes up. We went into the ultrasound and baby had legs wide open, so the first thing we heard was "this is probably something you've never seen on an ultrasound... congratulations on your son!" I immediately started crying, and though he won't admit it, I'm pretty sure my fiancé shed a tear. I've been crying on and off all day. The girls are so happy to be getting a brother. We decided not to do a gender reveal party because yesterday my stepdaughter turned 1 and tomorrow is her party. As excited as we are for our son, we don't want to take away from her celebration.

After the doctor we took all the girls to Build-A-Bear to finally finish the animals we got them for Christmas since this is the first time we've seen my stepdaughter since before Christmas. I found this little shirt while we were there and couldn't resist.

Our 1 year old:

Our 9 year old:

Our 11 year old:

Our 14 year old: