18 won’t make me an “adult” 🙄

I want to go to Texas A&M; & I know I’d qualify for scholarships because I’m an ap student & im on the 11% of my class. I don’t work because I’m focusing on school. I’m 17 & turn 18 in less than 5 months. The thing with Texas A&M; is that I’d have to live in campus for my first year, it’s about an hour & 30 minutes away from my house. My mom says I’m not gonna go there and I won’t live anywhere else other than at home & as long as I don’t work & provide for myself, I’m not an adult and will do as she says. I don’t think it’s fair at all because it’s MY life & MY career but she says it’s not my life, it’s hers since she gave birth to me. Idk what to do. My mind is set on being an Aggie.

Update: thank you for your feedback. Yes, I’m aware scholarships won’t cover all my expenses & I already am earning money, for now it’s just change that I’ve gathered up. It’s about $100 lol better than nothing & I also plan on getting a job this summer once school is over. I’m planning on opening up a savings account under my mom’s or aunt’s account