Ramadan Goals/Aims


Asalamoalaikum all,

Do you have any goals set for yourself to compete this Ramadan?

My annual goal is to finish the Quran in Ramadan. I've really struggled in the last few years - I start of really well and then don't prep beforehand for my period! End up missing a week of Quran reading and struggle to catch up for the remainder of Ramadan.

I came across the pic attached to the post shared by Abu Eesa, a great sheikh I follow on Facebook and though it was so great that someones designed this around our periods! So thoughtful and helpful.

This year I'm pregnant (Alhamdulillah!) So don't have the periods to worry about.

What are some of your goals and aims?

Becoming more regular in salah, doing more dikhr and ibaadat etc.

Will be nice to share with each other and check in throughout Ramadan to keep each other motivated InshAllah 😊