I know this sounds ridiculous, but do you consciously/subconsciously breathe in or hold your baby bump in when you’re out and about?

Like when I’m out my bump is so much smaller and hardly noticeable, and then I sort of ask myself ‘am I standing normally/comfortably?’, which then when I do I sort of breathe out and stop holding it in!

I guess I did this before I was pregnant too and just subconsciously held my belly in. 😂

I don’t even think about it when I’m at home indoors! I’m huge all the time. 😂

Some people don’t even know I’m pregnant because I’m so small. (Currently 26w5d)

I go swimming twice a week with my Son and only just am I starting to ‘bump’ when I’m there. I still don’t get any looks or haven’t had anyone ask me yet.

Just wondering if it’s a normal thing to do!


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