Overprotective boyfriend

So my boyfriend of two month has been acting irrationally in my opinion. Before being in a relationship with him i told him that i don’t want secrets or anything in my next relationship because my ex cheated on me and went on dates/fucked other women, used tinder, etc. behind my back. A month into our relationship we decided that we’d have access to each other’s phones such as knowing each others passwords or adding Touch ID and showing our location on snapchat. My boyfriend would constantly go on my phone looking for things to get mad over.

Like he would find messages from ages ago and get salty over them or if I forgot to delete pics of my ex then he would get upset and say things like “oh I bet you go back and look at these and fantasize about him” and something similar about old text. When I don’t text him back fast enough he assumes I’m hitting up other men when really I’m playing games on my phone or on YouTube.

And even now after I removed his finger print off my phone and turned off my snap map location. He jumps at every notification I get. Like he gets jealous and assumes it’s some guy when i only really talk to him and family Yet when a guy formed hits me up out of the blue he assumes we’ve been talking for ages behind his back.

I’m not aure what to do anymore about it. I know he’s insecure based off of how he acts about me talking to anyone but him, me being away from him, or where he can’t see what I’m doing or etc. He wants me all to himself 24/7 yet i Need my space sometimes.

He wants access to my stuff because he says that it’s reassurance that I’m not doing anything shady and I hate how he keeps trying to compare me to others from his past yet I’d never do anything like that to hurt him. Even when my guy friends hit me up I tell them that my bf probably won’t approve of us talking because he gets jealous and I feel like I shouldn’t have to put a disclaimer in front of everything or tell him every thing I do every second of the day. I’m unsure what to do. This is the ONLY problem in our relationship besides sex.

I tried talking to him about this yet when I do he makes it seem like I’m saying he has problems and needs to be fixed. I told him he should see a psychiatrist about these tendencies and he says that I’m making him seem like the bad guy. I’m 100% certain that this is manipulative and controlling behavior and I’m trying my best to help him see that but it’s hard and frustrating.