First appt fail

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So my first ultrasound didn’t happen at all. They never told me when I first went to confirm pregnancy that they don’t even do ultrasounds at the doctors and would be done off location. And they never told me my next appt would be to order one like why make a separate appt to just order one? So now I have to hope and pray my boss will forgive me for taking some time off next Monday. My husband and I only want to go at least once together to hear the heartbeat together but they told me In Florida ultrasounds aren’t required they usually go by what I say my due date is like wtf? Really? They told me at 6 weeks they want one to confirm my due date..: I hated being lied to and held back lots of tears during my appt. my husband and I will most likely by a fetal Doppler next month. What is a good brand for them? We don’t wanna pay a ton for one so next Monday at 4 I’ll see and hear our baby and we can find our sex in July but I want to wait till August till my sister is down to do gender reveal party as I’ll be making her an aunt.