Doctor said i should get the Essure


is there any ladies out there that have had essure done? Did it hurt ? Did you have a period up to six months . I just had my 4th baby last kid . Two girls and Two boys . I'm even all done.😊 I've been hearing that some women say they end up getting the essure done and they have a period that last 6 months 😯😒 that also when placed it hurt . now my doctor told me it don't hurt and it's a 10 min thing in her office but having a period up to 6 months is not my cup of tea for one thing I had the mirana before and I loved it with no periods that's what I was going to get but she said " my doctor" no you should get the essure 🤷so is this true or having a period all the time for up to six months and does it hurt ?? Is anyone out there that can give me advice?