TMI Gross Pic!!! 1 day late & weird discharge

소미 (So-Mi) • Mommy to baby Grey 💙

So I’m 1 day late for my period.

I haven’t really been feeling any PMS symptoms and haven’t been having any cramps either. I’ve been super bloated but I’m blaming that on my diet cause Ive been eating like shit lately lol. Last night I started noticing this really dark brownish bloody discharge and this is literally all I’ve gotten in almost 24 hours. I put this pad on at 10pm last night and it’s now 7pm and this is all I’ve had. I have a slight tinge of blood and discharge when I wipe but nothing major. Anyone have any idea if this is my period or if it could be implantation bleeding? My cycles are usually between 24/25 and 26 days long. Today is day 27 in my cycle for reference.