any reason for him to leave?

Mommy of 2 Princesses❤👗

okay tell me its not me lol

my SO is literally threatening leaving me because i went to pluckers to eat with my GIRL friend and went like 40 minutes away to take our daughter to a cupcake ATM its a cool little machine for kids to build their own cupcake, while he was at work he said i should be at home doing "housewife" things instead of being out doing unnecessary things and since I'm pregnant my friend driving me that "far" is putting our baby in danger? I even sent him a snap to prove who i was with... I said if u want to leave me for going go get a cupcake and wings that my friend got me for my cravings then leave.. like who's in the wrong does he have any right to be mad lol?? hes even going to Florida for a whole week, and when he said some smart stuff I said well u should be a at work instead doing husband things lol i don't get why he's mad am i missing something?? 😑😑