Advice. BFNs, but maybe implantation bleeding?


Okay ladies, I need some advice! My cycle is never weird or anything. It’s always 27/28 days no more, no less. Last month my period was 4 days late, went to take a test and it all of a sudden started and was normal after that. This month I’ve been feeling weird. Barely barely any cramping the days before my period and my cramps are usually really bad! My breasts have been hurting sooo bad that I won’t even let my husband touch them and that has never happened either. My lower back hurts so bad that it just throbs every time I lay down and my hips hurt almost as bad. I’ve been nauseous so much and was almost dry heaving in the toilet last night! I took a pregnancy test yesterday and we thought we saw something but wasn’t sure, so I took another one today. Today AF was due. I took the FR digital test and it said negative and my period started after that or so I thought? I usually have to wear heavy duty pads AND tampons throughout my whole 6 day period but I was only spotting today and it looked pink and darker. Not like dark red, almost a brown color. I didn’t even fill up one panty liner all day today. I just went to the bathroom and no bleeding now?? Wiped multiple times and no blood whatsoever. It looks like the last day of my period where my CM is just a little brown. I barely have any cramps right now. My husband and I BD on my OD with pre seed. Thought I was out this month and now idk! TTC for 3 months. Sorry for the long paragraph! Thanks!