Help please very confused


Hello, I NEED HELP!! Today was my 8 week checkup for my second ultrasound and the u/s tech told me that there was no heartbeat but there was a sac and Baby is still in there no cramps or anything. Should i get an second opinion?. Iā€™m 21 and this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea whats going on. The tech then told me that this wouldnt be a healthy pregnancy for me. I heard nothing else she said after that because I came knowing I would have great news. I then spoke to the Dr. and she was pretty straight forward. She said Im not having a healthy pregnancy and there are some options I can take. My options were a D&C; or to take a pill. At this point Im still trying to process the terrible information that she gave me. She didnt ask me for any blood or to follow up with me. She honestly made me feel uncomfortable and acted as she really didnt care. Can someone please help me? Ive been crying since I found out! Do you think its still early to detect a heartbeat? Has anyone been through this same thing? Iā€™m very scared Ladies. Anything helps!

Update. I Lost My Baby Boy! Jesus Had Better Plans For My Sweet Boy!!!!

Mommy & Daddy Will Forever Love Him!!! Had The D&C; Done Today! Recovering Okay šŸ™šŸ™ Please Pray For Our Family!