I lost it on my husband today

Kimberly • Newly married. TTC baby #1 @ 38 yrs old 🌈 God Gave is TWINS

Never thought the emotional stress of TTC would get to me but today I lost it. I haven’t been TTC near as long as some people, but our window is small as we are both going to be turning 39 in the fall. I am trying to lose some weight as well. But the reality that this may never happen has been so real lately and honestly all I have ever wanted is to be a Mom. My husband and I are on vacation this week and everything was just getting under my skin today and I started AF early (which never happens) and I am just emotional. So I lost it. Had a full blown come apart. My sweet husband just looked at me and said “what’s really going on?” So I stood there and just balled. Sobbed. Ugly cry. Like I feel like if we can conceive it is my fault. Of course my dear hubby was like “you can’t hold this stuff in. I’m your husband. And if it doesn’t happen it’s not your fault..” God I love that man!