Do good guys really exist??

I’ve been so sad lately about relationships, and I hear “that’s how men are” a lot and then I also hear “not all men are like that”.

My boyfriend doesn’t ask how I am, tell me I’m beautiful, or talk to me about what I want in life etc. also when i bring up an issue (very calmly because I know how he is), he doesn’t want to talk about it and just answers in quick short responses. Or he’ll go to the room and fall asleep. My best friends husband is the same way. And sometimes I do want to leave and find someone more thoughtful. but two things, 1. I don’t want to be without my kids and 2. People say men are mostly the same so I figure I may as well just ride it out until my kids are old enough then move on and become a cat lady.

But seriously I’m just so fed up :(