Is it possible for a relationship to work after bringing drugs into it?

That’s pretty much how my relationship started with my partner. He was already an user but not addicted, I had never done it before. We started it out for fun, both of us ended up terribly addicted. He used to have control over himself but after he met me it’s sort of he lost most of it. We would only meet to use and have sex basically. I feel like I got him addicted bad on the drug because I wouldn’t stop doing it, I would do it all the time and because he was with me most of the times he would do it too. Now both of us decided to get clean and it’s been 3 months that we’re sober, now we go out to the mall, out to eat all the time etc. I feel like just now, after a WHOLE YEAR of being with him, I’m getting to know him. Because before all we would do is drugs, sex, and talk. It was always awesome to talk to him even while on drugs but we were most of the time just blabbing our mouth away because of the drug but it was definitely different than the talks we have now, sober and normal talks, pleasant etc. Plus now he said he likes me so much better, he said when I was on drugs I was a totally different person and I’d treat him like real shit which is something I don’t do anymore. But sometimes I catch myself thinking about all the good times we had while doing drugs together. Is it bad? I can’t help it. I sort of miss it and I’m ashamed to say that but it’s true. He is my favorite company to do drugs with, basically he’s my favorite company to do anything with but drugs with him was so special I can’t explain. And everything we went through while on it many bad moments it almost killed us but also we had moments I’ll remember forever. Unique moments and very intense moments. My question is, could our relationship work even after we had all the shit happen to us? Or na?