Question from a concerned mom.

Shannon • 4th pregnancy, second set of twins! Due January 2019. Baby boy and Baby girl!

My doctors office has been completely not helpful so far, and I'm eager to get in to an OB who can give me more answers. Starting May 13th, I have taken 5 positive HPTs after 8 months of trying (yay! ) Over the past few days I've also started getting bad spells of nausea throughout the day. I went in yesterday and got a blood draw to test and see how far along we are. AFTER playing much phone tag and finally hearing back from someone (not even MY nurse or doctor) they say I'm about 1-2 weeks. shocked I asked how I could have had so many positive tests and already feel morning sickness that early on, but all I got in return was "every pregnancy is different." This is my 4th pregnancy and I'm 34 years old. I've had two singletons and one set of twins. My question for everyone is, does this seem normal? I can't understand how my hormone level is already so high and I'm already feeling really sick. It'll still be a couple weeks at least before I get the referral and can get in to see the OB. Very frustrated with my doctors office atm! wondering if this could be another set of multiples! Thanks!