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Almost 23 years old and I just recently got my IUD inserted because no matter how badly I want to start having munchkins now, I know my fiancé and I aren’t where we would like to be financially (he says he wants a baby more than me! Lol). I should probably mention that I had my first and only MC 2 years ago this July... with my verbally abusive ex. Now that I’m happy and plan on spending the rest of my life with my SO, I can but can’t wait to have a baby with him and the fact that his grandparents (who raised him) are so excited , accepting, and constantly bring up how they can’t wait to have two extra little feet running around does not make my baby fever any easier😭 I’m trying to play it smart this time around and be as prepared as I think I can be before bringing a little one into this world but tbh, baby #1 was unexpected and it wasn’t until I had the miscarriage that I realized just how much I wanted to be a mom😢 I swear my ovaries cry every time I see a baby. I will also throw in the fact that I was a nanny for 7+ years and now I am a care taker for children and young adults with disabilities... so I have a passion for working with children and I know having my own isn’t the same thing but I also know I have the patience and heart to be a mom. Anyone else conflicted with the desire to have a baby and also wanting to be at a certain place in life before starting a family? P.S. always wanted to be married and starting my family by 23 but I swear it crept up on my so fast! Plus, I know that I’m still VERY young. Literally every girl I went to HS with is already married and on their second child🙃