My turn!! My baby birth journey with GD


I tried to do it earlier but I had a lot of stuff going on here at the hospital and didn’t get to finish it so here it goes!! This is baby number 2 for me after 13 years with my first child. I was diagnosed with GD earlier in my pregnancy and was able to control it after finally finding correct doses and strictly drinking nothing but water and doing a proper diet, yes I cheated sometimes but with portion control and upping my insulin it was in control!

We were induced today at 5:30am. Was quickly hooked up to my i.v and got measured start out 3cm -2. So we were already off to a good start. They started my pitocin and got everything rolling.

My contractions went from 6 minutes apart like they had been the previous night to 4 minutes apart in the matter of 2 hours of being on the pitocin. By 10:00am I couldn’t handle the contractions anymore so I was put on my epidural, doctor came in and broke my water (btw felt soooooooo weird)

By 11:15 I started feeling the pressure below and that’s when everything took a huge turn.

I didn’t think I was gunna be able to pull this birth off naturally. I pushed for 2 hours and had a little boy who turned the wrong way! I was beyond lucky to have a amazing team of nurses who got me where I needed to be and kept me breathing and calm when it was time to rest in between pushes.

My blood pressure became a problem mid pushing so I got nauseous and overly hot and they kept a wet rag on my forehead and wiped my face and neck down, I couldn’t keep my eyes open, every time I tried to open my eyes they hurt too much!

I was luckily able to push and swap sides and on my back to get him out. I couldn’t stand just laying on my back!!

Doctor came in and became my back bone, my coach, my strength to push me through the last part. He looked at me and said “alright sara this is it hun” I noddded at him and he counted down and I started pushing and he became what I needed to get through it and yelled “push hard Sara! Get mad!” And for some reason that got me amped and it worked!

After pushing two long hours with everything I had, our baby boy was born 8lbs 1oz 21inches long!! I am beyond proud of myself and over came fears I had!

Greyson’s blood sugar was just fine and so was his temperature and no health issues so far!