Best friends??

Dejah • A.K.W 🌸

I need so advice on what to do and if I am wrong in this situation. Long story short- my gender reveal is next month and my best friend, who is also the god mother, helped me plan every single detail down to the last snack we will have. We have put so much time, money, and effort into this party. I currently live in NC and my family and her live in SC, so that makes the party all that more special because I haven’t seen them in months! Anyway, she texted me the other day and asked “what time is the reveal?” And I reply “12 or 1” and she says “oh okay because I just signed up for a 5k in charlotte that morning and it starts at 10”... mind you charlotte is 2 hours away from her! You mean to tell me she’s going to and from a 5k two hours away and she’s going to make it back in time for the party????? So I just said okay. She then asks if I’m going to wait to do the reveal part until she makes it.... what?! Why should all of the rest of us, and my husband and I wait on you when you knew the day of the party??? So we all have to wait because you double booked? No. And that’s what I told her. Also, she was the one who was going to get the envelope with the gender in it. There’s no point in her knowing if she isn’t even going to be there so I’m giving my sister the responsibility. Am I being too harsh?