SOS !!!

I've really depended on glow for advice because y'all have always been so uplifting and helpful before.. and I like knowing no one is biased or says things because "they're your friend". So my boyfriend broke up with me because he is moving in with his bestfriend and his bestfriend does not necessarily like me. My boyfriend believes there will be tension in the house considering I'd be over there often and he says he just wants to remove himself from the situation and avoid the tension/drama all together. I really just want closure with him because he broke up with me and hasn't communicated with me. I mean it's only been a day, but I just want to get off my chest what needs to be said. I don't even know what to say in still in shock, but do y'all think I should???? Or have any idea what I should say? I want to say he's an idiot, lol his friend won't love him or care for him like I will. And he blocked a blessingđŸ˜‚ im just upset and confused.. help please.