My school is trippin (pray for me)😩😩

Ok y’all so I’m a senior & I graduate on Friday and my school basically lets us find everything out online so it tells you when your credits are updated etc . So I passed every single class throughout hs and I also met my test requirements which is reading & algebra that’s mostly what my school requires in order for u to graduate but I see that I’m missing 1 credit for geometry after everything has been updated so thats the only credit I’m “missing” and I’m like hold up! Wait a minute because I never failed that class and I ended off the year with a B+ in that class so I started crying and balling like omg I’m not gonna graduate I did everything I had to do this year and previous years it made me so sad my eyes were all puffy and I just looked crazy my parents are so excited and I’m just like calm down 🌚 anywho I emailed my principle and she said she’ll look into it & get back to me Tuesday morning to & to Email her . Fuck a email hoe ! I’m marching up to that school Tuesday morning as respectful as can be and then I’ll go off cause this is just crazy . They made me take a geometry test in the beginning of the month it’s called a geometry EOC . Which is for 10th and 11 graders therefore it is graded during the summer which is no problem for them but ME! I’m a senior if you wanted my credit to depend on that test you should’ve gave it to me earlier wtf. Which is completely not fair to me because graduation is JUNE 1st NOT SUMMER! unless you failed classes and need to go to summer school which isnt my case . So I’m so sad and just pissed off waiting for Tuesday 😩😩 I literally have a huge headache because I can’t stop thinking about this and the pain my parents will feel If I let them down Including myself . I feel like a huge failure already even though this isn’t my fault because I passed my classes and met my reading as well as algebra requirements. So I’m PRAYING this is a misunderstanding 🤦‍♀️