I need someone to talk to


I'm one week postpartum and I know this is still considered the "baby blues" but the anxiety and emotions are overwhelming. My son was born at 37 weeks. I was induced due to gestational hypertension and my natural birth turned into a medicated birth turned into an emergency c section. This has destroyed my confidence and what I felt my body was capable of doing. My son also has jaundice and we've been monitoring it and I've been told it's being well managed and we shouldn't have to use light therapy but now I'm obsessed with his input and output. My nipples are flat and he doesn't take to them as easily since we've introduced the bottle. I was running myself into the ground with pumping and feeding and needed to introduce formula at night so my husband could help and i could get some rest. This in itself has made me feel like a failure. The jaundice has made me feel like a failure. Everyone around me says I'm doing a great job but I feel terrible. My husband goes back to work soon and will be on a new schedule working nights and I'm not accustomed to this at all and worry I will stay up all night and cry alone. I just need someone to relate to. my heart hurts with all the crazy thoughts I'm having.