2 weeks no sex

We have been married for a year. apart from the first month of marriage, sex has been max twice a week. And more on the obligation side since we started TTC. he is always tired, but never for his Xbox and crap TV.

it's been 2 weeks now I haven't got any sex. I was on menstruation, and during that time he had cold and cough and was ill but not for a BJ, so i was silly and did it. and here I am waiting for him to come to bed but he is fine enough to play his Xbox and watch TV and the excuse for me is 'i have dry cough'.

so many times I have spoken to him about it, but today I feel like I am over it. I can't beg and ask for sex every time.

initially I had a higher sex drive and now i feel it's just gone today. I don't want to do it as a Chor on my fertile window and not get it after it.

I have a nice figure and keep myself fit, so that cannot be an excuse aswell.

I need advice of how to manage my expectations and how do I keep calm. I so want a baby but I'm done asking for sex. I have an ego now after months of rejection.