Church organist


So I did 4:00 pm mass today. And the organist he’s a very nice guy 70 years old. I’m at one of those kinds of churches where the podium/microphone is downstairs in front of the congregation and the organs upstairs. And I get there he seemed very confused and asking “where am I?” I kept saying “Paul we’re in the upstairs of the Church” then 5 minutes before mass I go downstairs so I can over the psalm before mass just the refrain part for those who are catholic I’m sure definitely know what I mean. So that was fine, gathering went fine no problems. Then after the first reading I go go to the main podium which is what the lecture (reader), deacon and priest use. I have my own podium too so I like that! Well I get to the main podium to do the psalm I wait a couple seconds then I look up and he’s not there and I’m like “Paul you there?” Then he says “what do you mean” then I said “Paul I need to do the psalm now” I was saying it from downstairs over the microphone which there is small-medium speakers up there too. Then he started the psalm intro Before I sing and he seemed fine for the rest of mass. Then as we’re leaving mass he starts going towards a different car and tries to open it and I’m about to leave and I see and I say “Paul what are you doing?” I talked to him nicely. He said “going in my car” and I said “your cars over here, right next to mine” so I walk him over to the car and then I felt like it’s not safe for him to drive home. I told my husband to just take the kids home id stay with Paul for the night. So I drove him back to his house in his car. His wife died a few years ago due to cancer and they have 3 kids One lives in Maryland and the other two live in Tennessee. They all have kids as well. I’m just very worried about him. He just doesn’t seem to understand what I’m saying and keeps asking where his wife is. I’m worried that he’s having signs of dementia. I got a hold of his daughter in Maryland she’s suppose to come up tomorrow. She’ll leave at 5:00 AM and hopefully get here around 11:00 AM it’s only a 6 hour and 34 minute drive.