Can’t make it to the doctor after 30 weeks

I need advice 😩

This pregnancy was planned but soon after my husband got an amazing job, the dream he’s been working for, but it involves traveling. Wasn’t a big deal, we were figuring the traveling would last a few months then stop but his work has been swamped and I’m 30 weeks now and he still has 2 1/2 months left until he’s done traveling for a bit. Which just happens to be right around the time I’ll give birth.

I don’t drive due to severe anxiety and we can only afford one car at the moment anyways until we finish paying a few things off. I travel with him.

I went to the doctors Friday and all was good. They want to see me every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then every week. But.. it’s impossible for me to make it. If I stay home while my husband travels, I still couldn’t make it as we live in a different state from all of our family. We actually don’t know anyone here yet. We also live far out where there are no Uber/lyft or taxis. The nearest bus station is way too far for me to walk. (Joys of wanting to move to a remote place away from everything🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

If I go with him, it still wouldn’t be an option because we would be a different state and he works extremely long hours, and needs the car for work as he drives a lot and the nearest OB to where we would be staying (campground with his work buddy) is too far to walk. And again, no buses.

It’s not an option for him to quit. He’s currently working in the mountains which is why there’s no buses or towns nearby. There’s not even cell phone service there.

We didn’t expect for his work to get so swamped lately which is why this is so sudden and we have no options. He can’t take any days off work or he will be fired. He goes on paternity leave as soon as I go into labor so at least that’s good.

Luckily after this 2 1/2 months he’s going to a new job (still same company) but will be coming home everynight.

I have no idea what to do in this situation. We just bought a house so we have no money to buy a car for me to even attempt to get my license. Am I a horrible mom for not being able to make it to the doctor in the last 10 weeks? I know it’s not ideal and could be dangerous as anything could go wrong. Ive been crying all day because of it