Thank God it was a dream MUST-READ


I had a dream just then woke up in tears. In the dream by beautiful four year old had a appointment for some reason at a school well we went there sat for a while and I got up to use the restroom" I never leave her alone " Well in my dream I did... when I got back I asked the lady where she was she said that she was in the back and I asked who went with her she said my mom. So I said ok thinking in my head to ask to go back there but I didn't.. It took awhile and I was I'm not feeling well "stomach was hurting" and went home laid down ended up falling asleep woke up it was 5 so I called my mom asking about her she said she didn't go to the school... so I was like where is Jayla she said idk I panicked immediately I walked in the bathroom to see i bleeding "this couldn't be happening" I was having a miscarriage at 20 weeks i was hurt I put on a pad and went to the the school it was closed. So I freaked out I starting to think about my little princess voice her laughing how I did not get the chance to tell her I even love her and I know she was afraid on top of that i was losing my unborn I woke up in tears I hope this never happens that was the worst feeling ever and it felt so real it was so much more to. OMG yall I see now how much my kids really do mean to me you don't know till they get taken away I will never leave my babies alone.. Sorry needed to tell someone before I forgot this dream.