After five long and painful years...


I never thought I’d get to post a pic like this. I’m ugly crying.

Edit: I guess I’ll put a little bit of our story on here, though it’s just like so many of yours.

Jesse and I got married when we were 20 and 22. We met in college playing leads in our university’s homecoming musical. I was a freshman and he was a junior.

We got married, graduated, and decided to travel the world. All the while, we wanted to be parents more than anything. But a year went by, then 2, and then 3 and we were getting extremely discouraged. There were times where we would just have to stop for a while. No one could ever prepare me for the heartbreak of countless negative pregnancy tests. I thought I was strong, but I wasn’t.

After 5 years of absolutely no success, I swallowed my pride and talked to my doctor about the time frame. I am 25 years old. I was embarrassed that my body couldn’t do the primary thing it was created for. He immediately ran labs, and we found out that my thyroid glad was barely working. So we started to fix that. Once we got that to a semi-normal state, we ran more tests. We found out that my progesterone levels were extremely low. So I was put in clomid. I took my first dosage, got day 19 labs drawn, and the progesterone levels were still too low. They upped my dosage for this month. I went in for day 19 labs, and they said the progesterone level was just right. That was a relief. The clomid for this month apparently did the trick!

We’re so excited. I haven’t stopped shaking since this morning. We won’t take a single second for granted. Hoping for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.