update on squirting & orgasms

my boyfriend and i had sex again, i did it on a full bladder. he was fingering me so i just started pushing like you guys said and idk what happened down there but i didnt squirt the pee just came out regular. it was just a little bit though. then we started having sex but it wasnt until round 2 where i had the orgasm. he was on top of me and i wrapped my legs around him but he stopped stroking me. so i started grinding his dick then he started again and stopped so i was grinding again. i had an orgasm but i thought after i did it was over, NOPE! he turned me over and he was hitting it from the back until he came on my ass. i was in heaven, i didnt care about his room mates bc we both were moaning and dirty talking i just wish he came in me then pulling out.