Speech and behavior regression?


So my son will be 10 in 2 weeks...and his sister will be born in July. It’s always just been my son and I and since finding out about his new baby sister a few months ago Jéveon has been talking like a baby constantly. I don’t know if he is doing it just for the attention or if he is truly regressing. I have had a few talks with him about it and can’t seem to find a real answer to it. My son has special needs. He has a kidney condition he was born with as well as adhd and emotional disturbances that the doctors have not put a name on. I am a bipolar and I believe he may have inherited my mental health issues but we have made huge strides in his behavior and outbursts with counseling and meds for adhd. Has anyone ever dealt with speech regression? He doesn’t like being babied and is a very independent child but has since reverted to temper tantrums and baby talk and I’m just stumped!!