Positive test 2 days in a row day and a half later tests now show negative?



I took a first response test and an internet cheapie on Thursday and then a clear blue weeks digital on the Friday, they were all positive. Saturday I had some cramping and had intercourse later on in the evening.

Today (Sunday) I woke up with cramps and pink spotting when I wiped. I thought this may of been from the intercourse he night before? As the day continued i noticed 2 small spots of brown discharge in my underwear and when I wiped later on I had stringy brown discharge on the tissue. I had bad feeling so I took 3 different pregnancy tests which all said negative? I have drank a lot today because I've been really tired, thirsty and had a head ache? I'm hoping hat threw the tests off but I'm not feeling hopeful.

My last period was on the 27th of April so I expected my period on the Thursday I took my first positive pregnancy test.

I now have shooting pains in my side, it's a Sunday so the doctors are closed and closed tomorrow?

Have I had a chemical pregnancy?

Have I got an Ectopic pregnancy?

Could I still be pregnant?

Do I bother going to a and e? I was advised by the out of office doctors the closest a and e to help me would be 45 minutes away?

Any help or advice would be very appreciated 💕