anyone I need some help please

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Ok so to start off.... I'm 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I went pee earlier and when I did I peed alot because I really had to go, but when I was peeing I felt/experienced what felt like flicking as If you were to flick your fingers under water or when you squeeze water out of a water bottle and it were to bubble up while air was going back into the bottle. I didn't have any fluid leaking that I know of, but I was very unconfertable for about an hour or so, then it happened again then after that I started experiencing Braxton hicks that were alittle more stronger then usual, for about maybe 30 mins off and on the last one I felt during that felt like back labor pain maybe I'm not sure because it wasn't super strong it just hurt. after that it felt like the baby kicked a nerve or muscle that went from my pelvic up to my belly button. And I have only had like 1 or two more Braxton hicks since then and it's been maybe 2 hours give or take. my next appointment isn't till tuesday. I called the on call doctor and she wasn't super helpful she was actually mean. she said it doesn't sound like your water broke and your water probably won't break with this pregnancy even though it did with your last and in a mean way just said wait it out. Any thoughts cause I know your water can break and the baby's head could be far enough down there that it can block it. at least that's what the internet said.