Long rant


So I do most of the kid stuff have since the beginning hubby will help some but most of the time it’s like pulling teeth so I don’t even bother asking.has only ever changed a stinky diaper if I’m not home. Which he does not get left with the kids alone very often. He has a stressful job works long hours whatever I’m used to it for the most part. This wk end he went on a 2 day bachelor party for a buddy while I stayed home and tried to potty train our 2.5 yr old twins. So watching like a hawk for signs asking every 30-45 min coaxing them to try if it’s been too long. Not getting mad when they have accidents just having them sit on potty and then cleaning the mess up. So basically I’m exhausted and just want 10 min to myself. Well he gets home tonight I go to the bathroom and to take a shower which I haven’t been able to take an actual shower for 2 days. And I hear him yelling at our little boy for peeing on the floor. So I come out to help see what’s up. I take son to sit on potty and do the whole it’s ok if we have an accident, accidents happen but next time try to go on potty. I come back out and he has thrown a paper towel on pee spot and gone back to couch watching tv and eating twizzlers. Grrrrrr