Discharge after sex


Hi ladies so I’m 5W5D and I went to my OB and he said sex is ok and I told him I bleed sometimes not a bright red but like a brown discharge. He said it’s ok just do it softly.

Ok well DH and I did the deed and after a couple of hours I had discharge again but it was like a quarter size that came out twice. I couldn’t see if it’s an actual MC and today again in the AM when I went to wipe some more came out but it was like a light red but was sticky.

I have my first Sono this Friday and I’m scared to have a MC.

I’ve been TTC for 2 years and I have Finally got my second baby after having them 13 years apart.

I need some hope and prayers my way I’m so confused because everything I am going through with the Pregnancy I never went through it with my son in my 20’s and I conceived at 34.

Also, I have a mother question for everyone cause I’m a little scared.

They have said that after 7 years your vagina goes back to being a virgin at birth.

Mind you I gave birth all natural because my epi was BROKEN and I ripped so I still feel the PAIN. Will I feel that PAIN again but worse this time around?

I feel like a first time mom all over again. Sorry for the questions.